production and sale
of tinsmith machines


Progressive technical solution

We manufacture and sell machines designed mainly for construction tinsmiths.
Hundreds of machines manufactured by us serve reliably throughout Europe.

High quality & affordable price

Our offer includes machines for basic tinsmith workshop equipment.
In addition to their technical qualities and highly productive work on these machines, they are also inexpensive.
Their simple and practical design makes our tinsmith machines affordable.

patentová ochrana
Patent protection

The machines have an original and simple design with a number of progressive technical solutions.

Increased working depth

Increased working depth

All DOH bending machines are now available in the DOHh version with an increased working depth of 1,250 mm.
DOH-4e  working depth of 1,000 mm
DOHh-4e working depth of 1,250 mm

Other parameters apart from weights are the same.


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